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What We Do

Construction scheduling now has everyone participate

a.i. Driven network scheduling



Think of what Waze “driver collaboration” brought to the already established Google Maps

Network Scheduling


Optimize Resources across entire markets

Checklist Driven Task Approval


Payments and Schedule Updates via Checklists



Our Construction Scheduling Control Tower uses AI and blockchain to serve as a system of engagement

Builder Scheduling's A.I. driven Control Tower is not your typical control tower, that provides visibility to immediate construction project participants only.

Our Construction Scheduling Control Tower monitors, manages, and controls decisions and execution across functions and across companies to optimize the entire network.

The Construction Scheduling Control Tower uses AI and serves as a system of engagement not only across construction trades, but also orchestrates architects, lenders, code enforcement, real estate brokers, appraisers, etc., to work together in real-time to serve all stakeholders.

Until recently, construction scheduling have been all about providing visibility to your immediate construction trades. But with the development of multi-party, blockchain-driven construction network (Builderchain), advanced control towers now provide real-time visibility, collaboration and powerful AI capabilities to move beyond decision-support to decision-making and autonomous control.